Happy Birthday Your Majesty 👑

In celebration of our Royal Highness on her official birthday, we’ve chosen to crack open and review some wonderful celebration-friendly bubbles and wines that are truly fit for, well, The Queen! We'll be sharing those reviews over the next few weeks, but you can read the first one here

Before we start properly celebrating, let's share some fun party facts with you!

PARTY FACT #1: Did you know that The Queen celebrates two birthdays each year? Her actual birthday (the one where she was born, just like the rest of us peasants) is on 21 April and her Official Birthday is on the second Saturday of June (today!).

PARTY FACT #2: Because she is the epitome of fabulousness, The Queen enjoys a glass of Champagne every night before bed and, according to Jancis Robinson who oversees the Royal Cellar, she prefers the offerings of Waitrose wine shelves. She sounds like our kind of BB! 

Oh– and as an added bonus!– today also happens to be World Gin Day, so why not treat yourself to a little gin and tonic in the sun to kick-start the celebrations before moving on to the bubbles... And speaking of bubbles, might we recommend Angela's go-to fizz - it's perfect for celebrating birthdays (whether they're royal or not) and we know The Queen would approve, because it's from Waitrose! ðŸ‘‘