BB Review: Bruno Paillard Rosé Première Cuvée NV


It's almost February, and you know what that means... Galentine's Day! And there's no better way to celebrate than with a beautiful coppery-pink Champagne that tastes like RuPaul and Oprah high-fiving their perfect bejewelled hands together, before jumping off a yacht into the sapphire blue Mediterranean! Who needs romance when you have hilariously bitchy friends and Champagne? Can we get an amen up in here! 🥂 



BOTTLE: Bruno Paillard Rosé Première Cuvée NV – Reims, France

WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT & PRICE: £54.99 from Selfridges, £54.30 from Spirited Wines and £47.50 from The Whiskey Exchange. Bruno Paillard is fancy af and can only be found in wine-tastic restaurants and special independent wine merchants.

ABV & TECH SPECS: Pinot Noir (vinified in two ways) and a super-secret touch of Chardonnay - 12% ABV


ABOUT BRUNO PAILLARD: Bruno Paillard was born in Reims (listen to this episode if you want to learn how to properly pronounce Reims – it'll blow your mind) in 1953 into an established family of vignerons and founded his own Champagne house in 1981. Maison Bruno Paillard was founded with a desire to produce Champagnes like no other, through a process of blending diverse crus, varieties and vintages. They prefer their bubbles delicate and creamy, the hues natural and the aromas pure, captured by using the first pressing of grapes for the finest juice.

The Champagnes are all made with the dosage kept as low as possible in order to respect the authenticity of the wines. As a final note of quality, every bottle carries its date of disgorgement, which is when the deposit that forms in the bottle during fermenting is removed. Pretty snazzy, right? 


ABOUT THIS CHAMPAGNE: This multi-vintage rosé (using reserve wines that date back to 1985!) is predominantly made with Pinot Noir, which is vinified in two ways: a quick pressing and fast separation of the skins yields a pale juice, while a darker red is obtained by a longer maceration of the juice on the skins. The white and the red are then blended with a little Chardonnay (the amount is top secret) to give this champagne its delicate copper colour.

The wine is then left to rest on its lees for 3 years and another 5 months once disgorged, before being topped with only minimal dosage (the added sugar at the end to adjust taste) to enable a pure character to shine through.



CARO: OHMYGOODNESS this smells divine! Slightly powdery... like a boudoir - or whatever a boudoir smells like in my head! This explodes all around my mouth with energetic, almost aggressive bubbles. Although it feels quite acidic at first, like biting into a Granny Smith apple, once your palate is used to it, it’s a just a big OOOHHMYYYY! The taste is so complex that I’m struggling to identify any dominant notes, yet the balance is just spot on! And just to wrap it all up nicely, it’s leaving a lingering taste of pink pepper that I MEGA DIG! You got it, I’d totally smash a bottle - NEY: A FLIPPIN’ CASE of this champagne!

ANGELA: This had the classic beautiful onion skin hue that I love in rosé champagne. There is a delicate strawberry and crisp red apple aroma which mingles on the palate, with a richness of raspberry and cream. This is quite a full bodied rosé, and would be perfect with pâté or an earthy truffle or mushroom dish. I love low-dosage Champagne and this ticks all my boxes for sophisticated sparkling sipping. 

KATE: If I'm being honest, this Champagne had me at hello because HELLO, that colour is beautiful! Once the hearts stopped popping out of my eyeballs and we got to sipping, I was even more smitten. On the nose, this Rosé Champagne smells like my yesterday's spritz of rose perfume (my signature, if you must know) on my favourite cashmere sweater, both powdery and bright at the same time with a curious note of cacao – not to be confused with cocoa – present as well. This energetic Champagne tastes like the nectar of the Gods (which tastes like a perfectly crisp autumn apple) and its bubbles pair just as well with a booty-shaking lip-sync as they do a sensual plate of nibbles enjoyed in front of a roaring fire. ("Ru, would you like another glass?" Oprah asks as a the Pit Crew spoons foie gras onto bite-sized pieces of crostini, and neatly arranges them on a plate.) From its stunning colour to its fresh finish, everything about this Champagne is luxurious, lovely, and elegant. 

(Oh and also! Maison Bruno Paillard puts sustainability first and operates an organic vineyard that has a level 3 HVE (High Environmental Value) which is the best rating possible. Take that, wines-o-lutions!)

WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? A glass? Pleeease. We want an entire case! But we may need Oprah or Ru to buy it for us... 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻


Thank you to our friends at Bruno Paillard for sending us this beautiful bottle and letting us share it with our readers. Please feel free to send a case next time...