BB Review: Cava Heretat El Padruell NV



BOTTLE: Cava Heretat El Padruell NV - Spain

WHERE WE BOUGHT IT & PRICE: £8.50 from Marks and Spencer’s

ABV & TECH SPECS:  11.5% ABV. 40% Macebeo, 30% Parellada and 30% Xarel. Won a bronze medal at the International Wine Challenge 2014.


LET'S GET NERDY: Cava is a traditional method sparkling wine, which means it's made using the same method as Champagne, with the second fermentation being captured in the bottle to retain all the bubbles. Cava is made predominantly in the Penedès region of Spain, about an hour from Barcelona.

PARTY FACT: Many different varietals can be used to produce Cava, but the most common grade tend to be those that are found in this sparkler. It is also common now for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir to be added into blends.



CARO: A mouthful of caramelised apple mixed with the citrusy bitterness of a not-so-mature nectarine. The third glass would benefit from a funky touch of peach or violet – or both!

ANGELA: The bubbles in this look like a party in a glass, and that’s just what it’s made for! I find it to be an approachable, fresh sparkling with a punchy hit of aromatics – lemon and a little passion fruit purée – and subtle acidity on the palate. Exactly the kind of folk you need at your parties: fun and easy-going with just the right amount of swagger!

KATE: This Cava makes me want to invite my favourite girlfriends over for a Getting Ready Party. All of us taking turns in the mirror while we mouth Ace of Base lyrics into a mascara tube, and dance around in a cloud of aerosol hairspray. Yes, this is a pre-party party drink. The bubbles are big and the citrusy tart finish isn't anywhere as sweet as the bubble-gum pop music you'll want to blast/sing while sipping it. It pairs especially well with too much blush and a smoky eye. 

WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? We’ll have one more before moving on to something fruitier.