BB Review: Domaine Badoz Côtes du Jura 2014



BOTTLE: Domaine Badoz Côtes du Jura 2014 - France

WHERE WE BOUGHT IT & PRICE: The Secret Cellar for £17.99

ABV & TECH SPECS:  12.9% ABV - so precise! 100% Trousseau.

LET'S GET NERDY: Jura wine is French wine produced in the Jura AOC (controlled designation of origin) located between Burgundy and Switzerland. It's an area known for five different grape varietals. Of these five, the reds are Pinot Noir, Poulsard, and Trousseau and the white verietals are Chardonnay and Savagnin. “Côtes du Jura’ means it can be a wine of any grape, any style from the whole region.

PARTY FACT: Jura’s most prized wines are name vin jaune and Château-Chalon, wines made with 100% Savagnin that produce full bodied whites with a hint of spice, perfect for Compte cheeses. 

Angela really likes this little article from Victoria Moore about Jura wine. 


CARO: That dessert you left too long in the oven because you had one too many, but still eat because why not. A taste of burnt sugar with a slight grin.

ANGELA: This wine had a beautiful inviting delicate garnet colour. The aroma was at first a little shy but a slight chill down (pop it in the fridge for 10 minutes!) and it opened up to cranberries and crème brulée. The palate had quite noticeable alcohol but it was light and fruity and had me hankering for a Greek lamb and feta salad to go with it. 

KATE: To be honest, when I walked into the Secret Cellar warehouse in Wadhurst, this wine was sitting on the very top of the shelf and the sun was shining through it, making the wine shine like a ruby. Of course I saw it and was immediately like Jafar when he first saw Genie's cave in Aladdin and I knew I had to have it.  

Upon first sip, I said to Angela, "This should be chilled, right?" and then felt majorly smug because she agreed with me and she's a proper wine expert. After it had chilled tf out in the fridge for a few minutes, it really opened up and tasted so much like cranberry that you could probably mix it with vodka and pass it off as a vodka-cran. But please, don't ever do this... This wine had a slight bounce on the tongue that kept the flavour alive and moving, but overall I'd describe the wine as more interesting than I would delicious. 

WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? If it was the only red going, then yes.