BB Review: Donnafugata Bell’Assai Frappato di Vittoria 2016

As you may have gathered from Angela's epic post about her trip to Italy, we love all things Italian. But especially the wine! For this round, we're daydreaming about our next trip to Tuscany while sipping Italian wine. Here's what we think of this Donnafugata, which is a really fun name to yell in an Italian accent. Honestly, try it! It's fun, right? 🛵 🍷 🇮🇹



BOTTLE: Donnafugata Bell’Assai` Frappato di Vittoria 2016 from Sicily

WHERE WE BOUGHT IT & PRICE: €15.00 from Cellar Door, but it's available in UK through Liberty Wines.



WHO BOUGHT IT: The Rallo family are one of the oldest wine producing families in Sicily and are now in their 5th generation. In contrast to the famous sweet fortified wines of Marsala, they started making high quality table wine when sales of the Island's traditional wine offering started to decline. They launched the Donnafugata label in 1983 and began championing the potential of the region's native varieties. (Psst, you can read about Angela’s recent trip to the vineyard here!)

LET'S GET NERDY: Frappato is a red Italian Grape varietal planted mainly in Sicily. On its own, the grape produces light bodied fragrant red wines due to it’s thin skins and high concentration of aromatic compounds. But it can also be seen as part of Sicily’s only DOCG blend ‘Cerasuolo di Vittoria’ blended with Nero D’Avola. DNA studies show a distinct genetic relationship between Frappato and Sangiovese, meaning that it is likely to be a crossing of the famous Tuscan grape and another unidentified varietal... 

BOTTLE BITCH FACT: Donnafugata means ‘Woman in Flight’ and is a reference to Queen Maria Carolina, who escaped the court of Naples in the early 19th Century with her husband, Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, when Napoleon's troops arrived. You go girl!

Quote from one of my favourite Bottle Bitches, Madeline Puckett: “Frappato might just be the perfect bacon burger wine. After all, wine-and-burger pairings deserve to be taken to the next level.”



CARO: The colour of this wine reminded me of a long-lost and forgotten red lava-stone ring that my sister had brought me back from her school trip to Pompei… now you know. Light but slightly cuddly almonds and the lingering powdery playfulness of Loveheart sweets, with aromas of flowery amaretto that are soooo balanced this wine could have been a perfume!

Basically, I can totally picture us BBs demolishing a bottle of this on an Indian-summer night, in an old Italian taverna, talking shit as the sun goes down, and munching on delicious Italian nibbles. Bitches, let’s make that shit happen.

ANGELA: This is beautifully fragrant with dried rose petals, violets and an almond note. The palate is soft and delicate with a smooth finish, this would work excellently with fish dishes as well as herbs and spices. In fact I can’t wait to steal the rest of this bottle form the other Bottle Bitches to drink with caponata this evening!

KATE: Have you ever tasted a Japanese dessert called mochi? Because this wine smells like mochi. It also has hints of my favourite rose perfume and almond skins on the nose. The taste is bright and it has a delicious sour note that made me feel it would pair well with food. I tested this theory by eating a few slices of chorizo between sips and you know what? My inkling was correct. Bring this wine on your next picnic for sure. 

WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? Y E S. As Angela's stolen the rest of this bottle to have with dinner, we'd like to go ahead and order three more. One for each of us. And our bitches.


We really hate to use the c-word before the start of December but... You should really buy your tickets to our Christmas Wine Tasting at The Mount Edgcumbe on 30 November. Seriously. Do it! Even if you hate Christmas. Because really it's about the wine and we all love wine. Right?