BB Review: Gusbourne Estate Pinot Noir

The British are coming! The British are coming! 

That's right, England is coming up in the wine world and for this round we're reviewing three English wines that are making us proud to live and sip in the UK. Long live the vine! 🍷 🇬🇧 🍾 


BOTTLE: Gusbourne Estate Pinot Noir 2014 – Kent, England

WHERE WE BOUGHT IT & PRICE: £24.50 from Hedonism Wines

ABV & TECH SPECS:  11.5% ABV and 100% Pinot Noir

WHO BOUGHT IT & WHY: Kate here. When I learned that global warming was helping England to become the next great Pinot Noir region, I was thrilled. I mean, global warming is terrible, but I'm all about that Pinot Noir. I heard good things about this Gusbourne Pinot Noir and thought this tasting was the perfect opportunity to shell out £25 on it. 

LET'S GET NERDY: The original Gusbourne Estate in Appledore, Kent dates back to 1410. In 2004, Andrew Weeber took over the estate and the first vines were planted that year. Gusbourne quickly earned a reputation as a producer of outstanding quality wines, with accolades from some of the industry's most exacting critics.

PARTY FACT: Think its all bubbles in the English wine scene? Think again, Pinot Noir is the second most planted grape varietal after Chardonnay and producing some world-renowned varietal wines. Pinot Noir is one of the oldest and noblest grape varietals, known for its expensive and elegant Burgundian reds and it’s perfect for our climate and soil types!


CARO: This is a big MEH for me. Faint but slightly cheesy flavours associated with a watery but sharp on the tongue texture, and smells of autumnal mildew (can you tell I hated it?). However, I need to admit it slightly improved when combined with food.

ANGELA: This is classic pinot in colour, it's so clear you could read a book through it. The aromas have a slight touch of the ‘stinky pinot’ note that I love but still lets the crunchy cranberry and wet wood note through. The palate is delicate and soft– red fruits and a smidge of black pepper and subtle warming alcohol. It's the perfect red in my book for this very British autumnal wet weather were tasting in... in August.

KATE: I love a stinky pinot and this mf smells like tree bark, sawdust, and a mossy forest floor when you're on a hike but are like, "When will this hike be over so we can have some wiiiiine???" It glistens rusty red in the glass and is still light enough to read through (very helpful for map reading whilst on said hike) and it tastes like chutney and spiced fruit. Honestly, I don't know much about hiking, but chutney, water crackers and pinot noir are perfect sustenance for the trail, right? Who's coming?!

WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? Caro is having none of this… which is fine by Angela and Kate as they'll quite happily finish off the bottle. Cheers!