BB Review: Manz Dona Fátima Jampal

Take a card and commit it to memory. Ready? Great! For this round, we took on the challenge of picking three cards from Angela's cutie-pie inspirational card deck from kikki.K and matched each one to a bottle of wine. Here's the second result. (You can read the first here.) 


BOTTLE: Manz Dona Fátima Jampal 2014 - Portugal

WHERE WE BOUGHT IT & PRICE: Oddbins for £16.50

ABV & TECH SPECS:  13% ABV. Varietal is Jampal. 

WHO BOUGHT IT & WHY: Angela here. I love the story of this winery. They brought back an almost extinct varietal because they wanted to revive tradition in this particular winemaking area in Portugal, not just to make money by producing large amounts of wine. To me that’s someone who will Dare To Fail at the cost of the bigger picture.

LET'S GET NERDY: Jampal is a white grape variety of southern Portugal that makes wines with notes of citrus and gently tropical overtones. Until recently, the variety had been gradually disappearing from all but the oldest vineyards, and came very close to extinction. 

PARTY FACT: André Manz started the Manzwine project in 2004 when he bought a small vineyard in Cheleiros which was planted with an unknown variety of grapes called Jampal. Specialists advised him to replace it, saying, “The variety is good but the productivity is low.” Facing these opinions, André replied, “But I don’t want to produce a lot of wine. What I want is good wine! Let’s try it this year and, if the result is not good, we’ll change it next year!” 

Dona Fátima is cheekily named after Andrés mother-in-law, in honour of its (hmm...) difficulty to grow. 


CARO: That comforting sensation of eating a baked almond crumble at your kitchen window on a rainy day? Yeh, that one… In other words, one mega nutty petrichor- gimme more!

ANGELA: Woah, this just rushes out of the glass with baking notes. Butter! Almonds! Biscuits! With an interesting herbaceous edge of basil that turns into a more savoury baked good. It's a sausage roll of a wine. The palate is fruitier then the aroma with prickly pineapple and apple notes. The taste lingers and that’s great as I’d be happy to linger over this for a while.

KATE: Though buttery and nutty on the nose (literally gimme some pastry rn before I hurt someone) this wine tastes like a green apple sucker (or, as the Brits say, a lolly). It's a little syrupy, a wee bit tart, and totally gave me a flashback to swallowing an entire caramel apple sucker in the 4th grade and thinking I was going to die. Sooooo maybe not my favourite. But not bad!