BB Review: Mas Mallola Priorat

Wine is art. And sometimes the label gets pretty artsy-fartsy too! For this round, we're buying bottles based on their labels and are finding out if the artwork on the bottle is as good as what's in it.  🖼  🍷  🤔



BOTTLE: Mas Mallola Priorat – Porrera, Spain

WHERE WE BOUGHT IT & PRICE: £22.00 from Secret Cellar 



WHO BOUGHT IT & WHY:  Kate here. Once upon a time, I was shopping for wine and the minute I saw this one my eyes turned into little hearts so I bought it. Simple. As. That. 😍

LET'S GET NERDY: This classic Priorat blend of Garnacha and Carignan is made in the Organic vineyards of Marco Abella, which have been in the same family since the 15th century. The winery, which was built in 2001, has its own laboratory where they constantly monitor the vinification process to ensure premium quality wines. Two of the building's floors are underground, allowing them to use the effects of gravity in each stage of the process for gentle wine-making.

PARTY FACT: The label design was inspired by paintings produced for Marco Abella by the Spanish painter Josep Guinovart (Barcelona 1927-2007), one of the masters of contemporary art. 



CARO: I had barely picked up my glass then Angela says “RUM!”, and that was it, all I could smell (and taste) was Malibu! It had a somewhat sharp and syrupy booziness to it, and my brain did not manage to go beyond the coconut, vanilla and nutmeg. Meh.

ANGELA: It's strange, but I kind of thought this smelt like a piña colada... Breaking it down, I’ve deduced it’s probably not the coconut or pineapple but a waft of a rum note, probably from the oak, and it’s so interesting and inviting. There’s a punch of alcohol but it's pleasant against the bold plum, vanilla and spice notes, which are three of my favourite flavours. Ms Vino Por Favor! 

KATE: I really dig this wine. It's ruby red and smells like jam sitting in a dusty workshop, but in a good way! It's juicy, it's well balanced, and it's as pretty to drink as the label suggests. 

WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? Kate and Angela are splitting the rest. 

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