BB Review: Monts Damnés Sancerre 2014


BOTTLE: Paul Prieur et Fils ‘Monts Damnés’ Sancerre 2014 – Loire Valley, France

WHERE WE BOUGHT IT & PRICE: The Secret Cellar in Tunbridge Wells for £27


WHO BOUGHT IT & WHY: *Kate proudly raises her hand* I had a whiskey toast instead of a Champagne toast at my wedding and usually treat myself to a Barolo if I'm after something fancy, so when it came time to celebrate the Queen's second 91st birthday and do a review round on celebratory wines, I felt a bit stuck. WWQD? I wondered as I stepped into Secret Cellar. I knew already that I didn't want to choose another sparkling, and I had a nagging feeling that I needed to step out of my comfort zone, so I did something I never do and asked the wine guy for help. After briefly explaining my conundrum, he pointed me in the direction of this Sancerre which is supposedly a staple in the palace. Which palace? Is the Queen drinking it? Is it served to the corgis in crystal dog goblets on special occasions? Who can say. What we can say is: if this is the house wine anywhere, it's a house I definitely want to be in! 

LET'S GET NERDY: Sancerre is an appellation (or AOC, basically a legally designated origin with rules on what can be produced there and what cannot) situated In the Loire Valley known for its elegant Sauvignon Blancs (like we have here) and Pinot Noir for its reds and rosé. 

PARTY FACT: World War II inadvertently helped put Sancerre on the map. After Parisian weekenders could no longer visit the beaches in Normandy, more of them began coming to Sancerre instead, where they discovered the region's appealing wines.



CARO: An Indian Summer's sunset run in a flower meadow. Virgin-Suicides-daydreaming kinda style, with warm soft light, cicadas, floaty dresses… the whole summer nostalgia vibe, basically.

ANGELA: I like it when you get something else from a Sauvignon Blanc rather then the typical gooseberry and nettle notes and this one delivers with so much more, including apricot and bay leaf notes. The body of this is rich and oily and the flavour is not too prickly (something I find in too many SBs) with a fantastic punch of flavour that lingers. Delicious! Harmonious! 

KATE: This wine is a paint-spill of rolling hills and sunshine. Light notes of rocket, apricot and green olive oil coat your entire mouth in the most delicate way and spread warmth and happiness all the way down to your belly. I love it even more than I love singing along to The Sound of Music (which is a lot) and think this may be the wine that tips me over into really enjoying whites. Either that or it's ruined every other white wine I ever drink... Jury's out, but while they deliberate can I have another glass? (And I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry but I gotta make the obvious joke: This is a damnés good wine.) 

WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? Another glass? Pfft… we’ll take a case!

BEHIND THE BOTTLE: The cork snapped on opening– don’t worry if this happens, go in with your corkscrew at the deepest part and gently pull out. Ours made for some wicked photos, as it looked like the corkscrew was corseted down the cork.