BB Review: Sol Lucet Koshu 2015

We're well into the New Year and are living large in Wet January. You heard that right, we're still popping bottles (albeit slightly cheaper ones - which you can learn more about here) and reviewing wines 'round while doing our best to stick to our 2018 wines-o-lutions, which are like resolutions but for wine... You get it. Anyway! Today Caro is sharing her first pick for a New Year filled with New Wine. 🥂🇯🇵


BOTTLE: Sol Lucet Koshu 2015 – Yamanashi, Japan

WHERE WE BOUGHT IT & PRICE: £14.00 from Marks & Spencer 


BEHIND THE LABEL: The wine is called Sol Lucet (meaning “the sun shines”) and it is made from the thick-skinned, white Koshu grape grown in vineyards in the Yamanashi region on the main island of Honshu. Koshu is the most important grape variety in Japan, where it has been grown for over 1,000 years. The Yamanashi region embodies the modern era of the Japanese wine industry – close proximity to the major cities, with tiny vineyards shoehorned into the Mount Fuji basin.

DINNER PARTY TRIVIA – The Japanese palate is incredibly refined and you can find more sommeliers in Japan than anywhere else in the world!

WHY CARO BOUGHT THIS WINE: I’d had my eyes on this bottle for a while (1. cool label; 2. What the hell is Japanese wine like??) but never had a good enough reason to justify spending more than a tenner on a wine I was 75% sure I would not dig. This round was the perfect reason.



CARO: This smells like champagne high on herb - as in parsley and tarragon. It feels light and quite watery, and taste like that opened bottle of champagne you forgot was in the fridge (what kind of monster are you??), but still gonna drink because, hell, you’d rather go on a diet than waste champagne! But it’s cool, because this flat champagne has got lingering notes of bread and butter. Here’s one word for this wine: INTERESTING.

ANGELA: This wine is a golden rich in colour and the palate is powerful with exotic fruit. I sense a slight yeasty note but it’s not too overwhelming against the crisp lemon and peach. A great white for an Asian inspired dish or if you fancy sipping something a little richer in body but still vibrant in freshness in the cooler months.

KATE: First, I love this label. It's so simple, elegant, and eye-catching and it makes me feel a little underdressed in my usual uniform of dirty black jeans and a t-shit. Like, I kinda want to put on a cashmere turtleneck dress to drink this... but then I'd have to shave my legs so let's just stick to reviewing what's in the bottle...

So! The wine. On the nose, it smells like the vine leaf part of dolmathes (which is one of my favourite snacks) and it's both comforting and inviting. When sipping, it has that yeasty yumminess of champagne with a zing of lemon. Though I like this wine, it literally falls a little flat: it smells and tastes like champagne but it doesn't deliver on the bubbles. 🤷🏻‍♀️

WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? As Caro established, we're not monsters. We'll finish this bottle but I don't think we'll be rushing back to pick up another.