BB Review: St. JOHN Boxed Red Wine

Pick a card. Any card! For this round, we took on the challenge of picking three cards from Angela's cutie-pie inspirational card deck from kikki.K and matched each one to a bottle of wine. Here's the first result. 


BOTTLE: St. JOHN Pic St Loup Rouge BiB 2014 – Languedoc, France 

WHERE WE BOUGHT IT & PRICE: St. JOHN (the Smithfield location, if you must know) for £33.00

ABV & TECH SPECS:  Type: Bag in Box (BiB), 13% ABV,  Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah

WHO BOUGHT IT & WHY: Kate here. When I say I love St. JOHN, I really truly mean it. I love the food. I love the ambiance. I love that you walk in and are welcomed like family. I love Fergus and his adorable round glasses. And I really love their wine! Even better, I love how much they love their wine and appreciate how much love, care, and consideration they put into selecting each bottle (and box) they serve. 

So why did we pair this wine with the You Can Always Change Direction card? Well, unlike so many other restaurants, St. JOHN has made a house wine that they're really proud of and is really good. Plus, they sell it at a really affordable price. That's a totally different direction to most restaurants and it's one that I find particularly wonderful. 

LET'S GET NERDY: BiBs aren't a new phenomenon and were actually patented as a wine preservation system in 1965. They’ve had their ups and downs over the years (big ups during all of our University years, am I right?) but they appear to be having a real revival these days due to their easy-to-use storage and serving system, environmentally friendly packaging, great value and overall protective nature. 

This BiB in particular is a robust and fruity blend of Cabernet and Syrah from southern France and is ideal for younger consumption.

PARTY FACT: Having a party? Glamping? Just want to sip the same wine all week? St. JOHN three-litre boxes of red, white and rosé are available over-the-counter from all three of their London restaurants: Smithfield, Spitalfields and Maltby, as well as from the Bakery in Druid Street on Saturday and Sunday daytime. Want to try before you buy? These wines are also available by the glass or just to taste at all their restaurants as well.


CARO: There’s a sweet in France I used to binge on called Michoko- chocolate-coated caramels that would stick to your teeth for aaaaages. Well, this was like a mega dark chocolate Michoko: the bitterness of a 90% dark chocolate, mixed with the booziness of a strong shot (vodka?), and the mellowness of caramel. BOOYA.

ANGELA: This wine had inviting liquorice and chocolate aromas mixed with a bit of blueberry– lovely! The taste is quite different with a green edge but the dark cocoa comes through and it really works. Like an experimental dish. It’s interesting, refreshing, and vibrant and feels like it has a soul. At this value? I’d have this as my go-to house wine. 

KATE: Let me first say that I generally don't care for French wine unless I'm in France or it's kind of expensive, but I could drink this wine all. day. long.– and not just because I have a three-litre box of it! It smelled like happy afternoons spent rummaging through piles of curiosities at an antique mall. You know, a little dusty, a little dirty, a little metallic, but also full of promise, goodness and soul. This wine is incredibly drinkable and tastes a bit like caramel and blueberry skins. It's lovely to drink on its own yet versatile enough to pair with all kinds of deliciousness (like they do at St. JOHN). And thanks to the BiB's preservation skillz, I was able to enjoy this wine all. week. long. (And I had the lightest recycling load I've had in ages!) 

WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? Forget another glass, we'll have another box!