Review: Terre di Chieti Pecorino 2016

A good wine makes us want to grab our passports and jet off to a delicious new locale. Does this Pecorino make us want to catch the next flight to Italy? Read on.  🛵 🍷 🇮🇹



BOTTLE: Terre di Chieti Pecorino 2016

WHERE WE BOUGHT IT & PRICE: £11.00 from Marks & Spencer

ABV & TECH SPECS: 13% ABV and 100% Pecorino

LET'S GET NERDY: The Umani Ronchi story is one of ancient vines, land and people. Their story began more than half a century ago at Cupramontana, in the heart of the Verdicchio Classico country, and they've since spread their vines throughout Italy.

This wine hails from the area of Collecorvino, a town in the Province of Pescara in the Abruzzo region. Botanists believe that Pecorino is a very old variety that likely originated as a wild grapevine growing in the Sibillini Mountains. Despite its name, there is no direct link between the Pecorino grape and Pecorino cheese. Instead, it's thought that the name of the grapes hails from the Italian word ‘pecora’ meaning sheep that would, according to local legend, graze on the grapes in the mountains as they get super ripe and crunchy. Cheeky little sheep.

FUN FACT: The grapes for this wine are 100% Pecorino. This variety seemed destined for extinction until recently when it was rediscovered by a few pioneering Abruzzi producers. It’s generally regarded to make top quality, expressive wines so it’s a great wine to keep an eye out for!



CARO: Indian Summer in a bottle! The freshness of summer fruits mixed with the coziness of autumnal baked goods - aaaah… A great balance between sweet & dry that makes me want to put on a chunky jumper, go for a walk in the cold air, then come back home to demolish a lemon, lime & poppy seed loaf with a warm cup of rooibos - you know, that kind of shit.

ANGELA: I love Italian whites that have a bit more colour, depth in aromas and flavour, they are almost like the hidden gems people don’t associate with the ‘classic’ Italian whites. This wine is vibrant to drink with peachy and lemon notes but also very easy going. I don’t think anyone would be unhappy if you took this to their house to sip throughout an evening. Well, maybe Kate might open one of her own bottles. But that’s ok, I’ll have the rest of this.

KATE: Sometimes a wine triggers a memory and ooh boy, I have a memory for this one. 
✨travel back in time with me✨
Once upon a time when I was a teenager in suburban Minnesota, I took a biology class. In this class, we had to dissect a fatal pig with a group of hormone-crazy teenage boys who honestly should NOT have be allowed to use scalpels. Every day, I would dread the 50 minutes we had to spend further dissecting the pig. Not because the tiny pig with all its itty-bitty organs was appalling, but because I couldn't stand the smell of a half-decayed fetal pig rotting away in a bath of formaldehyde. Can you blame me? 
Something about this wine reminds me of that seemingly never-ending biology lesson. Sipping it filled me with a sense of dread. At first the wine was light and sweet (but in a nice way!) but the more time I spent with it, the more I wanted to cut class. 

WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? Caro and Angela are really enjoying this and Kate is calling her therapist...


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