BB Review: Solar Viejo Monologo Rioja Crianza 2013

Fact: Women are better at tasting than men. Science even says so! For this round, we're drinking wines made by women to see if women are as good at making wine as they are at tasting it. Bottoms up, bitches!  πŸ·πŸ’‹



BOTTLE: Solar Viejo Monologo Rioja Crianza 2013 – Rioja, Spain

WHERE WE BOUGHT IT & PRICE: Β£11.99 from Ocado 



WHO BOUGHT IT: Caro here. Let's be honest. When I picked this wine, all I cared about was that it was on offer whilst I was placing an Ocado order, and I had no idea it was made by a female winemaker when I clicked to add it to my virtual basket. The truth is, I was struggling soooo much to source female winemakers' wines online - something that, in my opinion, needs to be changed - that I tried my luck with the bottles already present on my shelf. And boom, I got lucky with ONE of them (out of 8).

LET'S GET NERDY: Winemaker Vanesa Insausti is a total smarty-pants and studied agricultural engineering before getting a Masters in Oenology. As a winemaker for Solar Viejo, it's her job to make sure all the wines in their portfolio are up to snuff. Luckily, she comes from a family of winemakers in the heart of Rioja and has said, "Wine has always been part of my life. As children we were given wine to smell and to sip. We'd visit friends and relations who made wine in their own lagares. The aroma of wine is something that remains for ever in the memory." Fun family, right?! 

PARTY FACT: Per Rioja rules, wine made in barrels that are larger that 225 litres have to be labeled as generic. It pays to stay small. 



CARO: Whilst its jewel-like tones and spicy/floral fragrance seemed to promise me the sensorial experience I originally sought when picking a Rioja, its chewy and boozy fruitiness left me with a taste of disappointment. Yet again, the wine-induced hangover I had at the time of this tasting probably didn't help...

ANGELA: Bold aromas of blackcurrants and pepper– this smells juicy and it doesn't disappoint. The flavours are fruity and fresh accompanied by a silky texture and lingering spice. This would go great with a variety of foods and friends.

KATE: Maybe I've been watching too much of RuPaul's Drag Race, but this wine reminds me of a beautiful and confident drag queen. Someone like Jujubee. You see, like Jujubee, this wine is forward, juicy and bright, and it packs a peppery punch that keeps it interesting (and keeps you comin' back for more). Not to be too presumptuous, but I think Jujubee would really like this wine. And I bet I could drink a lot of it while binging Season 4! 

WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? Caro's going back to bed but Kate and Angela are sharing the rest of the bottle while shouting RuPaul catch-phrases at each other. "GIRL, IF YOU DON'T WINE YOURSELF HOW THE HELL ARE YOU GONNA WINE SOMEBODY ELSE CAN I GET AN AMEN?" 

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