BB Review: Weingut Wageck Fundament 'Green Label' Riesling 2016

Put everything you think you know about German Riesling in a little box. Now take that box and tie two bricks to it. Carefully carry the box to the nearest lake or ocean and throw it as far into the water as you can. Now, sit back and get ready to learn something new about German Riesling. You ready?! 



BOTTLE: Weingut Wageck Fundament 'Green Label' Riesling 2016 – Pfalz, Germany

WHERE WE BOUGHT IT & PRICE: £10.50 from Oddbins



LET'S GET NERDY: Germany is the home of Riesling and is where some of the most elegant and ageworthy expressions hail from. In fact, Riesling is first mentioned in connection with Alsace (which was at the time part of Germany) as one of its finer products in 1477 by Duke René of Lorraine.

MYTHBUSTING: It’s a common misconception that all German Rieslings are sweet wines. Accounting for 20% of all wine made in Germany, Rieslings produce a wide spectrum of styles from delicate, steely and bone dry with beautifully scented fruits like apples, to great sweet wines with aromatics of apricots, honey and peaches.

FUN FACT: Weingut Wageck Pfaffman takes its name from Wilhelm Wageck, who established the winery in 1900. It is now under the control of Wageck's great-grandsons, Frank and Thomas Pfaffman, who endeavour to make dry and pure wines that allow the character and minerality of the soil to shine through and the low yield of the vines and the ripeness of the fruit gives these wines a lower level of acidity.



CARO: Aaaaaaarrrgh. I really didn’t want to give a classic Old World wine the thumbs up, but hey. This has got a gold and green-ish colour, with a playful fruitiness on the nose - one that disappears in the mouth to leave a slightly sweet fullness, with a lingering acidity and heat. I DIG IT! However, I’ll say, “Dudes, that shit needs to come straight out of the fridge to properly deliver!”

ANGELA: The aroma for this one is so different form the other two Rieslings; in fact, based on the aroma I would’ve though it was a gewürztraminer with its notes of rose perfume and apricot. The palate is off-dry and full of stone fruit. It’s a fun and vibrant wine, maybe not to everyone’s palates but I’m going to let my hair down and enjoy the whole bottle of this.

KATE: Do you like pears and apricots? Well, this is the wine for you! This little green number is tart, sharp, and has just enough oomph to cut through something like a curry. It's bright, delightful and goes down reeeaaal easy. Too easy? Who can say for certain... 

WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? (How do you say yes in German?) JA!