BB Review: English White Lily

The British are coming! The British are coming! 

England's on its way to conquering the wine world so for this round we're reviewing three English wines to see how old Blighty delivers. Long live the vine! 🍷 🇬🇧 🍾  (read our first review from this English round here



BOTTLE: English White Lily 2015 – Surrey, England

WHERE WE BOUGHT IT & PRICE: £10 from Marks and Spencer

ABV & TECH SPECS:  11.5% ABV and 39% Chardonnay, 31% Seyval Blanc, 30% Müller-Thurgau 


WHO BOUGHT IT & WHY: Caro here. Having a bit of a skint month, I was on the hunt for a bottle of English wine below the £10 mark. And boy, what a challenge! I noticed this one on the M&S shelves but, having a hell of a boring label and being at the top-end of my budget, decided to put it to one side - in case a more affordable option came along. Apart from a £7.50 bottle at Tesco’s that would have required a 10-minute drive, everything within walking distance displayed a price tag of £13 minimum. I walked back to M&S and begrudgingly handed over the £10 note to the cashier.

LET'S GET NERDY: This wine for M&S was created in collaboration with internationally renowned winemaker John Worontschak at Denbies Estate in Surrey’s North Downs and is a blend of Chardonnay, Seyval Blanc and Müller-Thurgau.

PARTY FACT: Seyval Blanc and Müller-Thurgau are hybrid grape varietals, meaning they were intentionally produced by crossing two parent varietals to create varieties that had the best of both, and is usually done to increase resistance to low temperatures and disease. Seyval Blanc is the most planted grape varietal in the New York and Virginia regions of the USA, and Müller-Thurgau can be found extensively in the Alto Adige region of Italy and Hungary.



CARO: A sharp and slightly fizzy citrus, brought back down by a somewhat heavy-arsed oiliness, and a lingering yeasty aftertaste.

ANGELA: The buttery Chardonnay is dominant on the aromas and has a little fun hint of pineapple. There’s a delicate amount of acidity and more of a herbaceous and vegetal flavour then I was expecting from the aroma, I feel like I want more from it– more flavour, more richness, more weight. It’s not an unpleasant wine, it’s just not makingme want to run around in a field with flowers in my hair. 

KATE: This wine smells buttery with a hint of ripening nectarines and juiced wheatgrass. It tastes like laying in a field with your besties and having a #deeptalk during those precious last days of summer vacation, absentmindedly pulling grass up by the fistfuls and dissecting individual blades with your fingernail between profound teenage observations. TBH it doesn't taste that far off from the wines I used to drink back when summer vacation was still a prominent feature in my life, which is to say that this wine brings back some happy memories, but isn't really something I'm down with drinking these days. 

WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's kind of a basic bitch.