BB Review: Brezza Langhe Nebbiolo 17



How do you say au naturel in Italian? Whatever it is, we're doing it! And so is this wine. Let's see how we like it! 



BOTTLE: Brezza Langhe Nebbiolo 17 - Italy

WHERE WE BOUGHT IT & PRICE: £23.00 from The Sampler

ABV & TECH SPECS: 100% Nebbiolo and 13.5% ABV


ABOUT THE VINEYARD: The Brezza Vineyards is located in just outside the centre of the village Barolo (maybe you've heard of it?) and has been producing nebbiolo grapes since 1885. Their grapes are organically farmed and hand harvested and are dedicated to keeping their vineyard happy and healthy.

THIS WINE: This wine went through spontaneous fermentation from natural yeast and is aged traditionally in large Slavonian oak casks of 3000 litre that are left un-toasted before being bottled unfiltered and unfined, which means that they're not putting any fining agents (who knew winemaking was so much like GBBO?) in their wine or filtering it through anything to further clarify it. 

FUN FACT: Ten years ago, Brezza decided to start using an innovative (and totally cute) glass stopper in their wine bottles. Not only does it keep the wine inside the bottle happy, it's also chic if you choose to reuse the bottle. 



CARO: One look at that glass tells me this has got breakfast wine written all over it! But hang on, that smell… that’s more like roast chicken and leeks than scramble eggs! Let’s see what it’s got to give on the palate: easy going, slightly chewy, fruity but still savoury, and a bit gritty. Right. Let’s just say that this wine isn’t blowing my mind. Don’t get me wrong, if it was open on the table, right in front of my face, I would probably (most definitely) still drink it. But would I purposely buy it? Nope, don’t think so.

ANGELA: I love Nebbiolo with its red fruit and floral character, packaged delicately in a medium-bodied wine, and this one ticks all those boxes with a little extra savoury edge. I was lucky enough to be left the bottle of this and the little bit left in the bottom was even more enjoyable the next day as the fruit had opened up and took over the earthiness.

KATE: Whew girl, this wine smells fresh! Not fresh like that guy you had the misfortune of standing nose-to-armpit with on the Tube at the hight of summer, but fresh like Noah Centineo in my favourite movie of the year. By fresh I mean young. And by young, I mean too young for me. 

Don't get me wrong, this wine has the makings of goodness. Like Noah, it has nice body, an endearing scent, and doesn't come on too strong, which in a guy can be nice but in a wine? No thanks. I want my wine to have moves and to make a move. I want a want to move me, if you knwo what I mean. But this wine is a baby and it's too fresh, too clean, and, like Noah, too young for me (right now). I'll give it a few years to grow up. In the meantime, I've heard great things about the 2015, which, though I have yet to try it, I will compare to John Corbett's character in my favourite movie of the year. From what I've heard, it's spicy, warm, and lively, which are all things I like in a man. I mean wine. All things I like in a wine! And maybe one day, this sweet little 2017 will mature into the wine that the 2015 is rumoured to be. Let's hope! And after some time passes, I'd love to find out... 


WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? We're not going to say no, but we think it might benefit from being put in the cellar for a while before we say yes...