BB Review: Cantina di Soave 2017


Park Wine!

We've been blessed with a truly beautiful start to summer, here in the UK (knock on wood) and the opportunities for al fresco park drinking are bountiful. So what should you be drinking in the sun? Bitches, we got you covered.



BOTTLE: Cantina di Soave 2017 - Italy

WHERE WE BOUGHT IT & PRICE: £23.99 for 2.25 litres, from Waitrose

ABV & TECH SPECS: 100% Garganega and 11.5% ABV


ABOUT THIS BIB WINE: Cantina di Soave was founded in 1898 and produces wine in Eastern (fair) Verona (where we lay this scene). The area spans three DOC denominations: Soave, Valpolicella, and Durello. They are also one of the leading wineries in Italy moving towards sustainability.

ABOUT SOAVE: Soave, pronounced swah-vay, is an Italian white wine made of Gargenega grapes grown around the village of Soave, in the Veneto region in Northern Italy. 

It is the 5th most widely planted white grape in Italy (which is kind of a big deal when you think there's about 700 different varieties in Italy alone!). The best vineyards are located in the Soave ‘Classico’ zone, and if you fancy your wines with a little more complexity, you should look for Soave Classico on the label. The best Soave wines are fresh, delicate, well balanced and can be redolent of almonds and citrus fruits.

BIB WINES: Bag in box wines used to always be found on the lowest shelf in the wine aisle and still (sadly) maintain the connotation that they're made for quantity over quality. Slowly, this perception is starting to change and we're now seeing a wave of mid to high level offerings on the shelves – some even right at eye level! 

Whilst you’ll probably not find your next favourite wine in a pouch, you will notice that many now present good value for parties, picnics, large gathering and festival going. They also preserve wines longer than open bottles and are more portable then a glass bottle. Win!



CARO: I haven’t compared wine to body fluids for a while, so it’s time to get back on track - this wine looks and sounds like someone who drank a good 3 litres of water an hour ago - you know? Try it, and you’ll be “aaaaaah yes, I see what she meant”. That aside, it’s super clear, quite light without being boring, bringing you the refreshing herb and citrus notes you definitely want for a picnic under the sun. Whilst it’s not a masterpiece in itself, it totally hits the spot by going down easily and being a total people pleaser at a great price. Now where’s that sun gone, we’ve got a box to finish, Bitches!

ANGELA: Good grief, why is it so hard to find an ascetically pleasing boxed wine? Apart from the super chic, understated coolness of the St John's boxed wine, they all look pretty awful.

But this Soave fell into the lesser of the aesthetic evils AND I also happen to really like Soave. Did it deliver? Well, sort of – it’s simple with its crisp, high acidity, citrus zest, a little pear and floral notes. And at just over £7 a bottle (there are 3 in there – which, fyi, gets really heavy in a handbag!) what more could you ask for when hanging out with your BBs in the park on a Saturday afternoon?!

KATE: I love wandering around Italian cities and looking at everyday normal things (a fountain, a fresco, a crumbling statue) that are older than any single thing – except maybe some rocks – in my home country. I especially love it when I get to the point where, after much wide-eyed Italian wandering, it's finally appropriate to say to whomever I'm with, "Hey, this is a cute piazza. Should we stop for a glass of wine?" because honestly, drinking and eating in cute piazzas is 100% my favourite thing to do in Italy or anywhere. 

This Soave reminded me of a particular glass of thirst-quenching white wine that I had for €3.00 in a darling piazza in Venice. "It's so flavourful!" I said to my husband, David. "They really know how to do simple delicious wine here. Three Euros! This is the life. Should we move to Italy and do this forever?" Well, folks, I'm happy to report that this Soave has all that casual Italian charm packed in a super fridge-friendly box. It's bright, wonderfully citrusy and acidic, and is truly cheap and cheerful. With a box like this, you can turn any park, patio or living room into your very own Italian piazza. "It's so charming and simple. Have you ever had such a perfect wine for sitting in the sun and watching the world go by?" you'll say to your friends, as you lightly fan yourself in the summer heat. "And it's only what, two-ish Pounds a glass? This is the life. We should stay right here forever." 


WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? If the sun's out, we'll happily knock a glass or three of this back. Kate would also like to mention that a boxed wine like this would be perfect for a boat. By the way, do any of you have a boat? You drive, we'll will bring the boxed wine. Deal?