BB Review: Dominique Piron St Amour 2015



We love a big cuppa breakfast wine to get the day started.



BOTTLE: Dominique Piron St Amour 2015 – Beaujolais Cru,  France

WHERE WE BOUGHT IT & PRICE: £14.00 from Marks & Spencer

ABV & TECH SPECS: 100% Gamay and 13.5% ABV


ABOUT THIS VINEYARD: Domaine Piron was founded during the reign of Louis XIII and today has 95 hectares of vines throughout Beaujolais's finest villages, a third of them in the Morgon region. Fourteenth generation winemaker Dominique had no family of his own, so he joined up with a family friend from the village Julien Revillon to produce wines in the style of fine Burgundian wines.

This wine is made in the Saint-Amour region, located in the most northerly of the ten Beaujolais cru areas. Saint-Amour wines tend to be the lightest of the Beaujolais regions, and often display spiced berry and stone-fruit characteristics.

ABOUT THE REGION: The Saint-Amour appellation takes its title from the Saint-Amour-Bellevue commune, which is named after a Roman soldier who escaped death by converting to Christianity. Legend has it that he established a monastery in the area, and was later canonised as Saint Amateur (amateur meaning 'lover' in French, but without the sexual connotations). 

WHAT'S GAMAY?: Gamay is the varietal used in the Beaujolais region of France. It produces fruity, low-to-medium bodied wines with soft tannins that are made to be enjoyed young. However, this particular Beaujolais is made from old-vines, which gives the wine rustic notes and complexity that is often missing from the more common youthful and fruity style of Beaujolais.

WHY CARO CHOSE THIS AS HER BREAKFAST WINE: I’ve gone into a habit of bringing what the BB’s wouldn’t expect me to bring, just to throw them off guard, you know. So Beaujolais was a bit of an obvious choice, despite the fact that there was a nice bottle of South African Cinsault smiling at me on the shelf. What I wouldn’t do for those Bitches…



CARO: I’ve never spent this much on a Beaujolais, so it better be worth the money. Oh great, can’t even read the flippin’ paper through it - turns out Vieilles Vignes Beaujolais is a hell of a lot darker than regular one - great choice, Spinette! Oh well, at least that deep shade of purple is pretty nice to look at! Wow, that’s hit-you-in-the-face perfumey! And more in a “the knock-off perfume your aunt bought from a market stall in France” then the latest Jo Malone! But let’s not judge an aunt by her perfume (too late)... WOW, WHAT THE HELL? This is grippy as fuck, and still as perfumey on the palate, jam, chutney, whatever - this is WEIRD, man, and my tastebuds are screaming “MAKE IT STOP!!” right now. It doesn’t offer much in terms of layers and complexity, and is pretty boozy too - if I had this for breakfast, I’d be off my face by elevenses! Fuck that, I’m sticking to my coffee.

Next Day: Okay, having had a day to breathe and open, this is not as much of a shock - less perfumey, so not as repulsing, but still disappointing for the price - a total MEH in my books.

ANGELA: This wine has a beautiful ruby hue, vibrant and inviting. I can’t quite read the paper through it but I’m hoping for a fruity number that would pair beautifully with conversation and a continental breakfast… Oh. Such a disappointment, there’s an overpowering note of mustiness, not through fault though, the fruit just isn’t there.  The palate has a rustic edge, which is fighting for some kind of interesting lingering note. But again, disappointment. Trying this wine again the next day, it had opened up a little to show a little more pepper spice and red fruits, but still not enough for any excitement. I’d like to revisit another bottle but at £14, I’m not sure I’d take the risk.

KATE: Gamay is my favourite grape so I was pretty excited to pop this Beaujolais open. Unfortunately, my excitement soon turned to disappointment as this wine smells like raisins and tastes like potpourri. The flavour doesn't last at all (thank goodness, because it's not a good flavour) but while it's in your mouth it tastes a little ashy, like I'm eating the embers out of a fireplace. It has a very chalky finish that's quite unpleasant. IMHO, this isn't a breakfast wine. Or even an afternoon wine. It's a no day wine. I do not recommend.

WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? Mmmmmm that's gonna be a no from us.