BB Review: Fincas Las Cabras Tempranillo 2015



The TEMPRAture (work with us here) is dropping. Does that mean it's finally time to pull out the TEMPRAnillo? Let's find out!



BOTTLE: Fincas Las Cabras Tempranillo 2015 - Spain

WHERE WE BOUGHT IT & PRICE: £10.00 from Secret Cellar

ABV & TECH SPECS: 100% Tempranillo and 13.5% ABV


TEMPRANILLO: As we’ve discovered in our previous reviews, Rioja wines can be white, red and rosé and from these, there is a variety of different varietals. This one uses 100% Tempranillo, one of the most highly regarded grapes in the region.

The name, Tempranillo, comes from the Spanish temprano, meaning “early,” which is indicative of its early ripening. It’s also one of those grapes that has many a Beyoncé-style alter ego, and it's also known as Tinto Fino in Ribera del Duero, Cencibel in La Mancha and Valdepenas and Ull de Llebre in Catalonia. 

The flavour of Tempranillo is typically savoury rather than sweet, with hints of leather and fresh tobacco leaves.

ABOUT THIS WINE: The grapes of this wine are macerated on their skins for 14 days prior to fermentation for extra colour extraction, body and texture. The resulting wine is then aged for 12 months in both American and French oak

GEEK FACTS: Tempranillo is the fourth most planted variety in the world and is considered one of the nine noble grapes. It's also one of the top varieties blended into Port wine from Portugal, where it’s called Tinta Roriz.



CARO: For all those times I’d listened to Angela say she could taste eucalyptus in a wine, and I’d put my all into trying to get to that same conclusion unsuccessfully: The day has finally come! Yes, ladies and gents, at last, I can taste flippin’ eucalyptus in a wine! Alongside a well-balanced fruitiness and a slight lingering taste of cosmetics, but that’s another story. EUCALYPTUS, YEY! And whilst it’s a bit of a “kick-and-vanish” wine that I wouldn’t pay more than £12.50** for, I am actually digging this and think its herbaceous side makes it great for any season. And as per those eucalyptus notes, they just make me want to grab that bottle and go sip it in a spa. Hand me that robe, please.

ANGELA: This wine is a beautiful deep purple colour and just looks luscious to taste. There's a lot going on to smell too: blackberries, smoke, chorizo, and a hefty waft of bay (I can’t believe Kate can’t smell the bay*?!). But on the palate, its luscious texture and flavours of dark chocolate and cherry dissipate too early to leave a slight bitterness. Don’t get me wrong, the initial flavour is punchy with a slight lift from eucalyptus and the tannins are soft and silky, but I’m struggling to find these nuances 20 seconds later, as I’m trying to describe it. And for a £16.50** wine, I expect a little more.

KATE: This smoky Tempranillo smells like chorizo nachos (yes, please!), juicy dark fruits (yum!), and saddles hanging in a stable (I've been in like two stables in my life, but I feel pretty sure about this). It has a nice smooth flavour and a slightly chalky finish that reminds me of smoking clove cigarettes as a teenager. Unlike a clove cigarette, however, the flavour disappears rather quickly, but the memory is good enough to keep you sipping and chasing that high. 


WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? For £10.00? Hell yes. 

*It's a long-running joke that Kate thinks bay leaves are a hoax. I mean, she actually does think they're a hoax. And she jokes about it a lot because it really winds Angela, a Bay leaf enthusiast, right up. 

**Kate made an error reading a receipt and accidentally told the other BBs that this wine was was £16.50. But it's not. It was £10.00.