BB Review: Les Ruettes Sancerre Rosé 2016


We know Mother Nature isn't quite on board yet, but we're dreaming of springtime sun, trees bursting with blossoms, and a shared bottle of rosé. On a chilly March afternoon, we channeled these springtime vibes into a make-believe afternoon of sun and fun in Angela's living room, complete, of course, with plenty of pretty pink rosé. Did this bottle transport us to sunnier seasons? Let's find out! ☀️🍷😎



BOTTLE: Les Ruettes Sancerre Rosé 2016 – Loire Valley, France

WHERE WE BOUGHT IT & PRICE: £15.00 from Marks & Spencer

ABV & TECH SPECS: 100% Pinot Noir and 13% ABV


ABOUT THIS WINE: Thought Sancerre was all Sauvignon Blanc? Although we don’t get to see many on our shelves, they also make reds and rosé from Pinot Noir. The relatively cool Sancerre area of France's Loire Valley is perfect for this delicate grape and produces elegant gentle wines. 

Note: Only Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir are permitted in this region for quality wine making.

BEHIND THE BOTTLE: This rosé is a collaboration between M&S and renowned Sancerre Winemaker Fabrice Robineau. Fabrice uses a variety of modern winemaking techniques, including fermentation at cool temperatures to retain the maximum aroma and fresh fruit flavours found in the grapes. 

WHAT ELSE ANGELA'S BRINGING TO THE TABLE: The majority of rosé is made to be enjoyed while it's young, vibrant and fruity. Though rosé is commonly thought of as a sunny afternoon sipper, it's actually fantastic for food pairing. Lighter styles, like this rosé, are fantastic for pairing with light salads, light pasta and rice dishes, seafood and raw and lightly cooked shellfish. Rosés that's a bit richer, like those from Spain, Portugal and America, will stand up well against the grilled notes of BBQs as well as rustic charcuterie, paté and terrines. 



CARO: First glance at the bottle reminds me of the ones I’d see all summer-long propped up on the garden table, as a child growing up in France. And to me, that's the promise of a no-fuss, refreshing, chuck-it-down kind of wine - right? WROOOONG. It’s boozy and warm and leaving a slight bitterness on the back of my tongue... and is that a lingering note of veggie and meat I can taste? Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had a rosé that reminds me so much of a Sunday roast chicken! That said, let's be honest here: I’m not a vegetarian - if it was the only thing on the table, I’d still drink it.

ANGELA: Delicate pink in colour with a little bit of a rhubarb tinge. Dry and tangy, and full of tart raspberry notes. I like its weighty persona, and it would be an ideal rosé for some grilled fish or poultry or some chalky goats cheese, rather then a simple summer's day sipper.

KATE: This orangey-pink rosé smells a bit like my mom's compost pile in the back garden - warm, vegetal, and a bit stinky, but in a good way – and pears ripening on the tree. This isn't a session rosé, or one that I'd recommend throwing back sans snacks, but it does have a pretty nice balance (not too watery, a tiny bit sweet) with a bit of a herbaceous peppery kick that keeps it interesting. I feel it could easily accompany most dinner tables from spring straight through to early autumn, and I'd especially like to sip it alongside a chicken, carrot and wild rice salad. That being said, I'm not going to bring it to an impromptu afternoon of sun in the park – it just doesn't have the carefree rosé vibe, if you know what I mean? 


WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? Yeah. Sure. We're obviously not going to say no, but we're also not begging you to open another bottle.