BB Review: Mirabeau La Folie Sparkling Rosé


What's for breakfast? Wine! 🍷
What wine are we drinking? This wine! 👇
And where are we gonna drink it? In bed! 🛌

Dear readers, this is breakfast wine. 



BOTTLE: Mirabeau La Folie Sparkling Rosé – Provence, France

WHERE WE BOUGHT IT & PRICE: £13.99 from Waitrose

ABV & TECH SPECS: Syrah/Grenache and 12% ABV


ABOUT THIS WINE: This is a classic pale pink Provence rosé with a delicate effervescent sparkle that has been produced using the Charmat method, which is used to make Prosecco and that allows a wine to retain all its youthful fruity and floral characters. This blend of traditional Provence Grenache and Syrah varietals has been aged on its lees for six weeks, for extra body and creaminess. 

ABOUT MIRABEAU: Mirabeau is the wine baby of Stephen and Jeany Cronk, an English couple who said "boy, bye" to the rat race in London to enjoy a life in the South of France making wine. (Sooooo people can actually do this and make it work?!?!) After packing up their worldly possessions, they headed to the village of Cotignac in 2009 with their dream of becoming winemakers. Since then, their philosophy has been to work with some of the best vineyards and winemakers in France to showcase the best of Provence Rosé.

Mirabeau is now sold in more than 50 countries, has won countless medals, and has been praised by some of the industry's most celebrated critics.

WHY ANGELA CHOSE THIS AS HER BREAKFAST WINE: Honestly, having wine for breakfast isn’t an everyday occurrence for me and usually only happens 3 times of the year: 

  1. Christmas morning – always bubbles, always whilst watching The Muppets Christmas Carol. (Read more about my Christmas morning breakfast wine.)
  2. Birthdays, because we all know they get harder each year (how old am I again?) and sometimes you need a little something to get the day going
  3. The morning after the annual BBQ our friends throw, because often that evening’s festivities and the next breakfast become one and the same. 


CARO: Take a look at it and there it appears: the word  B R U N C H in all its glory. Seriously, this wine’s dusty pink hue is setting the tone for a beautiful plate of hot smoked salmon with white sauce and dill - BOOM! Get me that on a plate, a bottle of this on the side, and I’m set for the day. The taste is more complex than I was expecting, too - it’s got a hint of peach, some elderflower too, with an underlayer of… Gigondas?? It’s fresh, easy going, like a fine sparkling water with mega benefits, and it will definitely make more appearances in my life this summer! Bring it on!

ANGELA: This is super delicate on the nose, you have to spend a little time over it to get a hit but once you do, the aromatics of red apple skin and strawberries and cream are incredibly inviting. I think the lees ageing gives it a little more body and texture that helps the flavour linger. This offers everything you love about a Provence rosé with the addition of the tiny effervescent bubbles. 

While this rosé has my go-to brunch of salmon, avocado and sourdough written all over it, I’d be tempted to go with this duck confit and chilli-friend eggs that I can’t wait to make.

KATE: I've been wanting to try this rosé  ever since reading about the Cronk's in The Times (apologies for the pay wall but you can also see Matthew Goode get drunk with the Cronk's in S2 of The Wine Show!) and I'm happy to report that it was worth the wait. My olfactory wasn't in 100% working order so I didn't get much off the nose, but this is a zippy dry rosé that tap-dances over the tongue and leaves a refreshing crisp finish that will stand up to most savoury breakfast food. Not only is it hella instagrammable, you can also read the paper through it between bites of breakfast.

I think this rosé would taste deeelicous alongside a big plate of huevos rancheros, morning, noon or night. Or maybe I'd pair it with an avocado BLT on an everything bagel? Or maybe both! (After all, two breakfasts are always better than one.) I also think this would pair beautifully with a boat. But you probably knew that already... 


WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? We're drinking this from breakfast to bedtime. Bottoms up, BBs! 



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