BB Review: Most Wanted Pink Fizz Sparkling Pinot Grigio Cans


Park Wine!

If you're an allotment lover, festival-goer, extreme camper, or woodland wanderer, you'll know the unique problems that present themselves when drinking wine in a outdoorsy environment far removed a well-stocked kitchen. Between lugging heavy bottles, remembering to bring a corkscrew, and selecting a suitable and enjoyable vessel from which to drink, the entire outdoorsy wine drinking experience usually winds up feeling a little bit corked. But lo and behold, Most Wanted wines is bringing us a solution: WINE. IN. CANS. 



BOTTLE: Most Wanted Pink Fizz Sparkling Pinot Grigio Cans - Hungary

WHERE WE BOUGHT IT & PRICE: £8.00 for a 4-pack, available at Morrisons

ABV & TECH SPECS: 100% Pinot Grigio and 11.5% ABV


ABOUT MOST WANTED WINES: Most Wanted's mission is to strip away the elitism and make wines more accessible so everyone can enjoy it. No eye-watering prices and no snobbery! It's an ethos that we're 100% into here at Bottle Bitches and we encourage you to pop over to our website to learn more about Most Wanted and their wines.  

ABOUT PINOT GRIGIO: Pinot Grigio… we’ve all heard of it, right? Did you know Pinot Grigio is the Italian name for the grape varietal that also produces Pinot Gris?

Pinot Grigio is a mutation of Pinot Noir. The grey-blue grapes can vary to a brownish-pink, sometimes even on the same bunch, and the resulting wine can be deep golden, and sometimes even copper-toned, in colour. These Most Wanted Pinot grapes hail from Hungary and contain the juice of the grape for a light white colour hidden within the can. 

WINE IN A CAN?!: Cans are an excellent vessel for storing youthful vibrant wines that make transportation a doddle and drinking it even easier. They may not be the kind of thing you’d rock up to a dinner party with, but for a handy 200ml grab-n-go alternative for picnic, festivals, train journeys etc. they provide the perfect serving solution. 

BTW: This Pink Fizz Pinot Grigio can won Harpers Design Awards 2017 for Best Alternative Packaging. How cute is that?! 



CARO: From container to content, this can is packed with sunny party vibes! Just like your bestie, it’s great fun, easy going, and is a bit on the sweet side whilst remaining sassy. The format means you can easily slide it in your bag or coat pocket, and the look is design-conscious enough to ensure you don’t end up in the same category as that guy with a can of Stella on the train. That’s right, Most Wanted has just taken your #FuckItFriday commute tipple to the next level!

ANGELA: Wine in cans – we’ve all had the need for a traveller can at some point in our lives, I’m not sure I would’ve survived commuting from London after a 12 hour stint in hospitality without them. However,  I’m done with the awful gin and tonic and over-sweet cocktail concoctions – wine in cans, I’m ready for you!

To be honest I’m not going to labour over these cans too long, they are nicely drinkable with refreshing acidity and delicate flavours. It ticks my boxes with a pop of peach and strawberry notes, and is perfectly acceptable for the price point and scenario you might find yourself drinking them. And they fit satisfactorily in both the fridge door and a handbag. 

KATE: Let's be real, we've all been there. Whether it's a children's sporting event, your friend from University's weird new play, the world's loooongest Friday afternoon meeting, or a baby shower, we've all been to that special layer of hell where drinking a glass of wine isn't really convenient/appropriate but nobody will notice if you sip, say, a kombucha, coke or coffee as you roll your eyes on the sidelines. If this sounds like a situation you've been in before, I would like to introduce you to Most Wanted Sparkling Pinot Grigio cans, the perfect beverage for truly insufferable situations. That's right, these cutie-pie cans are inconspicuous enough to hide in most bags and their petit size means it's not too difficult to cover most of the language that will give away what you're really drinking with your hand (and I say this as someone with very small hands). Whether you're hiking (oh god, please no), pedal boating (lol, yikes!) or watching your boyfriend compete in his 14th triathlon (I'm so sorry),  they're literally the best way to jazz up a terrible activity– no corkscrew required!

So what does it taste like? This Barbie pink sparkling wine is tart and refreshing with a hint of strawberry-and-rhubarb sweetness breaking through the Pinot Grigio crispness. It's not what I'd reach for in most drinking situations, but I'm definitely going to keep a few in the fridge door for outdoor engagements or drinking on the sly. See you in the park, BBs! 


WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? We're stocking the fridge and hoping there's not a bag check at the door to every event we wind up at this summer.