BB Review: Pear & Thyme Sparkling Cocktail


It may be Valentine's Day, but you don't need to be in a pair to enjoy this Pear and Thyme Sparkling Cocktail!

(Did ya see what we did there?!?!)

(We're sorry. We just had to.)  💕



It may feel like sparkling cocktails have been around forever, but the actual origin of the sparkling cocktail is unknown. While the first written account of a Champagne cocktail was published in 1940 in The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks by David Embury, an American attorney and amateur bartender, other beverage historians claim sparkling cocktails could date back to the first ever-cocktail book written in 1862!

Whenever sparkling wines started making an appearance in mixed drinks, there’s is a wealth of possibilities when it comes to using effervescent wine as a base to add spirits, juices, purees, fruits, herbs and spices. Here, we’ve taken 2 simple contrasting flavours – sweet apples and herbaceous thyme –  to create a refreshing fruity drink.



Serves one, but it's super easy to double, triple or quadruple, depending on your entertaining needs.

  • 75 ml apple juice
  • 1 thin slice of a ripe but firm pear
  • 3 sprigs of fresh thyme
  • 1 tbsp orange-flavoured liqueur
  • Sparkling wine to top (we used Prosecco)

In a flute glass, add the apple juice along with the orange liqueur and stir to combine. 

Firmly spank the 3 thyme sprigs between your hands (like you're doing an impersonation of Nicole Kidman clapping but with a bunch of thyme between your palms- this will bring out the flavour) and then add the sprigs to the glass along with a thin slice of pear.

Top with sparkling wine  and enjoy!

This cocktail was inspired by Camille Styles' Pear + Thyme Fizz



CARO: This cocktail has me longing for longer, sunnier days, BIG TIME! A refreshing slice of sweet Spring, with beautiful aromas and playful bubbles! I’d probably put Cava instead of Prosecco next time, to balance the sweetness, but still, this would definitely go down well as a fuss-free but fairly elegant aperitif!

ANGELA: Fruity cocktails are never my style, I prefer bitter to sweet any day, but I was intrigued with the addition of the thyme. However, it didn’t do it for me, I wanted more thyme! I even tried to make a thyme reduction and pounded it with a pestle and mortar but it still didn’t work for me. We used Prosecco in our recipe but I feel that it needed a little more complexity; perhaps a Cremant or Cava would’ve given it more character. I’m determined to work with these flavours though and maybe try to create something myself. So watch this space for my interpretation…

KATE: This elegant little cocktail makes for a great alternative to everyone's default breakfast cocktail, the mimosa. As I lack a sweet tooth, I think I'd swap the sweet apple juice for a more subtle pear juice and top the cocktail with Cava instead of Prosecco the next time an AM tipple is called for. But honestly? I'd drink the hell outta this whilst wearing a glamorous dressing gown and flicking through The Sunday Times supplements at a sunny breakfast table, jazz quietly playing in the background and my butler standing in the corner, just waiting for me to ask for another.

I also feel this would be a great cocktail option at a wedding/bridal shower or a springtime garden party. It's pretty, light, and easy to make for a larger group– just pre-mix a big batch of the juice and orange liqueur, pour on demand, top with sparkling wine, garnish and enjoy. Easy-peasy.

WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? With a few tweaks, absolutely!