BB Review: Sbagliato Cocktail


Once upon a time, Angela went to Italy and she came back with this cocktail recipe at the ready. It's hella cute but does it taste great when you're throwing 'em back? We put it to the test.



Sbagliato means “messed up” or “mistaken” in Italian and refers to a tale in which a bartender accidentally grabbed a bottle of sparkling wine instead of the gin when he was making a Negroni… supposedly.

The result? A bitter and delicate cocktail, perfect for those who love the flavours of a Negroni but fancy something a little lighter. The Sbagliato is known as a ‘sundowner’ in Italy and is perfect as an end-of-day apperitivo.



  • 35 ml sweet vermouth (we used Martini Antico Rosso)
  • 35 ml Campari
  • 35 ml Prosecco
  • An orange 

Fill a tumbler with ice cubes and add the sweet vermouth and Campari. Stir the combination and top with the Prosecco. Add an orange wheel or a twist to garnish



CARO: I’m not mega down with bitterness, so this one was a little too slap-in-the-face and almost medicinal for my taste buds. But this said, its colour was beaaaauuuutiful and I did dig the little warmth it left behind. It wouldn’t be my drink of choice, but if it’s on the table...

ANGELA: I love a Negroni, I’ve even been known to make a carafe batch for easy go-to party pouring. I also got into Sbagliato’s on my Italy travels last year, when the long sunny days called for something a little less punchy for refreshing sipping. In my opinion, this cocktail is both simple and punchy – minimal ingredients with a complex flavour.

KATE: I'm going to Florida in a few months and this is going to be my go-to cocktail for poolside sipping. Not only is it super instagrammable (those colours!) but it's a great balance of bitter, bright, and boozy. When paired with sun, I imagine its refreshing herby-citrus finish will have you asking for a refill mighty-quick. In fact, I may take a page out of Angela's book and make a big batch of the vermouth and Campari base, pop it in a cutie-pie floaty ice bucket with a bottle of Prosecco, and then sip all afternoon without ever having to leave the pool. GENIUS. 

WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? You supply the pool, and we'll bring the drinks. (Extra points for the flamingo ice bucket.)