BB Review: The BB 69


As we established in our last review, we're all about Galentine's Day over here and this month, we're shaking our BB offering up (literally! In a cocktail shaker!) and sharing some of our favourite cocktails to keep the cheers real with our besties. Because nothing builds friendship bonds more than an epic night of cocktails followed by a morning WhatsApp thread where you can all bond over a shared hangover, am I right?! ðŸ’•



The first cocktail we're reviewing in this round is our very own take on the French 75, which Caro and Kate decided to call the BB 69 because they're absolute children and still find those kinds of jokes hilarious (for the record: Angela does not approve but Caro and Kate think the name would get a ringing endorsement from Producer Paul, who will probably never read this). The cocktail is a mix of gin, pomegranate juice, cava, lime and simple syrup topped with a healthy handful of pomegranate seeds. 


To learn more about this cocktail and to find out what we all thought of it (spoiler alert: we all loved it! But for different reasons.) pick up the latest issue of So Magazine. Or just click here. Or do both! But definitely make sure you do one.

We'll be back with another deeeelicious (or is it?) cocktail next week. Until then, order a Happy Corkscrew Pin Badge, catch up on Season One of the Bottle Bitches Podcast and keep the cheers real!